Portland Leather Goods Banner Design

 My role as Creative Director at Portland Leather Goods has ranged from product design and overseeing production both in-house and out of the country, tech packs builds, to overseeing and creating marketing and digital design materials. I curate and design nearly all content for our E-commerce sites, and have been the lead on our new website redesign. Below focuses on the products I helped design and develop for the company. 

I collaborated with two-time Project Runway winner Seth Aaron to create a simple yet stylish bag line for Fall 2017, and produced all of the prototypes. Since then, I have held a major role in the prototyping and production of new products. I created my own triangular pencil case for the company and within a month, Etsy marked my pencil case as a Best Seller.



Extra Large Men’s Briefcase

This design was a way of combining two of our existing Men’s Messenger bags to create the Extra Large Messenger. I designed this bag, and worked with engineering and production in Leon, Mexico for a Spring 2019 launch.


Men’s Briefcase

In an effort to expand our Men’s line, I worked to finish the design of two Men’s briefcases for a Winter 2018 launch. I created samples, figured out logistics, and approved all final designs for the line.


Pencil Case

My inspiration for this design came from me wanting to create a simple yet powerful design for a pencil case. I wanted to design something that no one else was designing. Drawing from strong geometrical elements, this pencil case is both practical and unique. 


Seth Aaron Collab

For these bags, Seth Aaron created three sizes and a few variation in styles for each bag. I assisted him with final design choices and prototyping, and made all of the photo samples and die cuts. I also trained a team on production for each bag. Over time, we simplified the SKUs to one size and three colors. 


Adventure Backpack

Drawing from the simplicity of the Seth Aaron Crossbody bags, we decided to convert it into a backpack. I designed the straps and attachment for the bag. 


Aside from designing, I also location and model scout, style, and creatively direct for Portland Leather Goods’ lifestyle photography. Occasionally I will pick up the camera and shoot myself, as with the Wedding Campaign. Other photographers are: Caleb Gaskins & Charmaine Marl.