I have been designing for over five years, with expertise in print, digital, and email-marketing design. My graphic work focuses on clean lines and the ability to convey strong messages.

I have worked with large organizations like Florida State University, Timberland, Portland Leather Goods, and Lawrence County Tourism Promotion.


Lawrence County Tourism

I designed the majority of print and web advertisements for Lawrence County. I worked to create a cohesive brand identity for the tourism agency.

Freelance Design

Above are various freelance and personal projects I have worked on.

Portland Leather Goods

My role as Creative Director for Portland Leather Goods has spanned over multiple categories. Among the tasks that I oversee, I ensure that the brand identity is consistent, and that their two e-commerce sites overlap in design and aesthetic. I established the design model for all of their Etsy and Shopify listings, and oversee that all photos are edited properly and are cohesive within each listing. I also manage the design and copy for all newsletters, increasing sales dramatically.


Student Publications

I worked as a designer for Florida State’s Student Publications. I designed print and digital flyers for organizations on the campus.